A weekend seen through what I put in my stomach

The weekend started off with sushi that was followed by a movie.
Saturday breakfast with yoghurt and cornflakes with cinnamon, orange juice, tea and sandwiches with cheese and lemon marmalade + liver pate and cucumber slices. It gave me energy enough to finish up an evaluation for the jamboree, clean my apartment and go to the gym.
Dinner time came and this Saturday evening I got to eat it together with friends and this lovely view.
We had pasta and spinach gratin with grilled chicken and a nice salad and it was followed by a lot of talking and a birthday party in another part of town.
Breakfast on Sunday was eaten together with the sounds on the radio about 9/11 and as you can see: the newspaper had the same theme. Once again, tea, yoghurt with cornflakes and cinnamon and sandwiches: one with cheese sticks and the other with liver pate and cucumber slices.
As the only kid in town I took the chance and invited myself to Sunday dinner at my parents. They had made this delicious dish with pressed potatoes, a stew with beef, carrots and fennel and a salad with tomatoes, peppers and feta cheese.
The best thing about having dinner at my parents is that they also almost always have dessert! On Sunday it was an apple pie, made from last year’s apples from their garden, together with custard sauce. Nomnomnom! It was lovely.
And that was that about last weekend!

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