Friday in Berlin

The first day in Berlin started with breakfast which was carefully watched by Bonsai.
We then spent the morning walking around the Museum Insel. At the Bode Museum they had an art exhibition which was very popular, if I remember correctly it was named ”Renaissance faces”, or something like that.
But most of all I was just happy to see Luara again.
All the fantastic buildings was just the cherry on top!
I cannot remember the name of this building, but I know that it once were a castle of some kind and that it has recently been decided that it will be restored in prussian style.
After that Luara had to go to her uni for a class…
so I slowly walked down Unter den Linden
where I saw a horse and carriage
and after a while I ended up by the Brandenburger Tor.
Then I walked around in a big park, which I think was called ”Tiergarten”, but to me that does not really feel right, cause in my world ”tiergarten” is the German word for zoo… (So let’s see if Luara corrects me or not!)
After some time I came to the Potzdamer Platz and the Sony Centre.
I had heard a lot about it before, but nothing could have prepared me for it. It was magnificent in a good and a bad way at the same time.
I was just silently watching the architecture.
During my walks around the city I had seen ads about a Dalí-museum.
Luckily it was located close to the Potsdamer platz, so I went inside.
And it was a museum with a lot of drawings and some sculptures. A lot of art work which I had not seen before.
By the time I was done at the museum Luara was done with her uni, so we met up and had lunch together. I had pasta carbonara, it was delicious!
After lunch and a lot of talking we went back home to Kreuzberg. We went to the real ”cross of Kreuzberg” (kreuz=cross), as Luara called it. It was standing on top of a hill in a park and I think that it was a memorial of some kind.
It took a while to get up there, but it was totally worth it, cause as you can see: the view was quite stunning.
The cross itself.
Then we went home
and I watched the buildings on our way.
At home we had something small for dinner before we went to a bar close to where Luara lives. She had hot chocolate with whipped cream and I had fresh mint tea, and I was extra super happy cause I managed to order it in German!
After that we called it a day and went home to sleep. Great first day!

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