Saturday in Berlin

As any other day, Saturday started with breakfast.
The weather was lovely!
We spent the morning in Kreuzberg browsing things at a small flea market
and at an inside food market.
I was happy for a lot of reasons, but mostly cause I was at my very own street, in Berlin, the sun was shining and I spent time with Luara whom I had not seen for many months.
The area where Luara live is really pretty, I really loved the houses and their colours.
When we were satisfied we took the bus to Kurfürstendam and
the KaDeWe!
A friend of mine had recommended me to go to the food section at the KaDeWe so that we did. It was fabulous! Almost surreal to watch all the people buying food of any kind while some other people were sipping champagne and eating oysters.
It was like a world of its own.
I was at my most happiest at the candy department.
They had truly great candy.
When that was done we took the elevator down again
and continued our shopping outside.
Our next stop, after we were done with the shopping, was something far more serious, cause it was the Holocaust Memorial.
It is made out of a kind of ”boxes” in different shapes which are made out of stone. The point is that you should feel lost and small when you are walking inbetween them. And I can tell you that they really make you feel like that.
Since it is almost like a labyrinth, it is really tempting to run around chasing your friends. Others did that, we did not, we just jumped instead.
When we made our way back home, the sun had started to set and the sky was oh so beautiful!
At home we rested for a while
and then we had dinner.
That evening we were invited to a halloween party hosted by Luara’s friend. Neither of us had much to dress up with, so Luara came up with the idea that we could put on make up the same way the guy in ”A clockwork orange” has it. Even though none of us had seen the movie, I think we did a pretty good job.
On our way to the party I got the chance to see the Spree, the river that runs through Berlin, at night.
We spent some hours at the party before we went home to sleep. And by then we where quite tired because of all the walking we had done during the day. But even though we had sore feet, it was a wonderful Saturday!

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