Sunday in Berlin

And so it became Sunday and my last day in Berlin.
We started with breakfast before going to
eastern Berlin.
Me and Luara were joined by a friend of hers, and together we went to the flea market in Die Mauer Park.
You could find almost anything on that market,
cameras and
and mirrors. Among many other things of course!
It is a lot of fun with flea markets, but a bit exhausting as well.
So we stopped for coffee and hot chocolate
at an amphi theatre.
And while we were sitting there a performance artist took on the stage and performed for us. She was really good and I really liked her.
She was funny as well, cause she made the audience join in on her show.
Before continuing we went up the hill and had a look at the Berlin wall.
The must-have-shot of me in front of the Berlin wall.
We continued our day with a stop at another part of the wall.
The wall was illustrated with these iron thingies.
The next stop was Alexanderplatz where the tv-tower is located. It was nice to finally see it a bit up closer since it had been ”watching” over us for the past couple of days. It is really visible wherever you are in the city!
I also saw the world clock, which was ironically suitable since we just the day before had turned our clocks back to winter time.
Then I had a kebab, cause you cannot have been in Berlin without having had one!
Our last stop for the day was Checkpoint Charlie. We read at the posters and looked around at the site. And even though it was explained very well how it once was, I found it hard to fully believe it.
But it was nevertheless very interesting to see.
At home we had dinner,

talked for a while about this and that
before I packed up my things and

then we watched ”Fantastic mr Fox” together with Luara’s flatmate V. (I can really recommend it! It was truly fantastic.) And after that it was time for bed.

And the next day Luara took me back to the airport and after some more talking over a hamburger we said goodbye and I went back home. All in all it was a really lovely trip!

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