dagens boktips: all my friends are superheroes by andrew kaufman

This is a very funny and quirky story. It is about Tom, whose friends are superheroes. And now he has even married one of them: the Perfectionist. The problem is that the Perfectionist’s ex-boyfriend, Hypno, hypnotised her on their wedding party to think that Tom is invisible. So now the Perfectionist believes that Tom has left her, when he in fact is doing anything thinkable to get her attention.

When the book starts the Perfectionist has decided to move to Toronto in order to leave all her sadness about Tom’s disappearance behind and start over. This means that Tom has until the plane touch down in Canada to make the Perfectionist see him…

I really liked this book. It is heart warming, funny and a great escape when you are writing your master thesis, like I do. I like the combination of fictional (humans) and super natural (superheroes) elements. Read it now!

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