The postcards I sent for the Postcard Swap

The first two postcards I sent went to
and to Canada.
The next four went to
the USA,
to South Africa,
to the USA
and to the USA.
And the last four ones were sent to
the USA,
to Australia
to the USA
and the last one went to England.

So far I have received e-mails about 6 or 7 of my cards and all of them have arrived safely to their postcard swapper, which makes me really happy!

Det här inlägget postades i the postcard swap 2012 och har märkts med etiketterna . Bokmärk permalänken.

2 kommentarer till The postcards I sent for the Postcard Swap

  1. iHanna skriver:

    Thanks for sharing Malin, these are some very awesome postcards. I like all of them, and I love your use of stickers and transparent envelopes are yummy and fun! And your photos are great too. :-)

    Be well!

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