tisdagsboktipset: ”through a glass, darkly” by Donna Leon

A couple of weeks ago I finished reading this book.

It is taking place in Venice and is about Commissario Brunetti and his job as a police officer. The writer has written several books with Brunetti as the main character, all of them located in and/or around Venice, and different crimes are solved. But even though it is a crime novel, it is also a lot about Venice, the society and food. Leon give the reader extensive details of what Brunetti and his family are eating, and of course it sounds delicious and almost always makes me hungry!

I went to Venice two years ago and this is the first book that I have read since I got back. If I really liked them before I love them now, mostly because Leon manages to capture the Venetian atmosphere and the Venetians absolutely perfect. In ”Through a glass, darkly” winter is slowly turning to spring and I picked up the book at the right time, cause when I read it the first signs of spring started to show here in Sweden, and when I visited Venice, two years ago, spring was beginning as well. That made the reading very enjoyable.

This book, and most other books about Commissario Brunetti, is not just about the crimes, but about much much more. And that is why I truly recommend it!

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