the night before midsummer

after having had lunch with my family I took the train to Gothenburg to meet Rosa and Maria. I got to know both of them during my exchange studies in Nijmegen last year and now we had decided to celebrate Midsummer together. I was really happy to see them!
Our first order of business was food, so we took a tram
and then walked to a restaurant on Andra Långgatan.
Rosa tried typical Swedish food, among other things both black pudding and mashed potatoes. I wanted to have char but it was out of stock so I got a hamburger with Västerbottencheese and mustardmayonnaise instead.
We had a lot to talk about and the only time that we really were quiet was when there was food to eat!
After dinner it was time to move on.
We walked through the really picturesque part of Gothenburg called Haga
It is one of my favourite parts of Gothenburg.
After a while we ended up at Götaplatsen where MTV had a concert. We arrived just in time for the final act of the evening: Nelly Furtado.
We stayed for a while and then we walked home past Ingemar Johansson and Ullevi.
We needed to get some sleep before the Midsummer celebrations the day after! But so far the weekend had got a really good start.
Stay tuned for the rest of my Midsummer weekend.

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En kommentar till the night before midsummer

  1. Sandra Ajax skriver:

    Härliga bilder!

    Svar: Berlin är en riktigt härlig och charmig stad och folket från jobbet är toppen! :) Kram


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