Midsummer’s Eve at Orust, part 1

Let’s continue to look at my Midsummer celebration!

It became Midsummer’s Eve. The sky was almost blue and the sun almost shining, but at least it was not raining!

We had breakfast.

And got on the train towards Orust.
We changed to a bus
and when we arrived at Maria’s parents house we had fika with cake and strawberries.
After settling in we went off to pick flowers.
Maria, Rosa and me together with Porthos the dog.

The flowers was for making our Midsummer headbands. It was Rosa’s first time and she did a great job!
The compulsory trying-on-your-Midsummer-headband-moment.
Now we were ready to celebrate Midsummer!
The celebrations started with food; potatoes, salad, cheese and of course herring!
Our next order of business was to attend a traditional Swedish Midsummer celebration.

We looked in a little cottage which was a museum showing how people used to live at Orust a long time ago.
And finally, the Maypole arrived!
We watched people dance traditional Swedish dances and danced around the pole ourselves as well, but then I did not take any pictures. When the celebration ended we continued to the party, and that we will look at tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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5 kommentarer till Midsummer’s Eve at Orust, part 1

  1. Lovely pictures! I saw the breakfast picture and remembered, when I was younger and still lived with my parents I used to eat yoghurt in a bowl just like the one in the picture.. good memories :)

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