Midsummer’s Eve at Orust, part 2

After arriving at the house of Linnea’s family we started off the party with a toast for Midsummer
and delicious snacks!
We prepared our dinner and took a look around the house, talking and saying hi to lots of new people.

The garden was green and filled with different kind of flowers, as an example: elderflowers. I love their smell.

We had dinner in the the green house. Everybody had brought something for themselves and everybody else.
Among other things, we had potatosalad,
and smoked salmon.
We were hungry, but still had time to talk and laugh.
We paused the eating for some Swedish snaps, of course with singing.
I got a guest of the hairy kind, almost in my lap, looking at me and Sofia, begging for something from the table. He got lucky!
Our evening continued, after a break, with dessert.

We had lots of different kinds of desserts, as you can see! All of them did how ever have to do with strawberries in one way or the other.
Almost everybody very busy with eating dessert.
While we were eating it started to rain, well cause it just always rains on Midsummer in Sweden, but to us it did not matter since we saw it, heard it, but did not get wet. It was perfect to be in the green house!
We talked and talked and talked until it got a bit darker. When it was a bit too cold, even in the green house, we went inside
for some singing! Together with a guitar and an accordion it felt really cosy and nice. And some time after this we went back home to sleep.
I had hoped that the clouds would blow away, but they did not, so this is what the sky looked like when we got home. Some blue, but unfortunately very dark. However, all in all it was a great Midsummer with lovely company, great food, celebration and singing. The next day me and Rosa went back to our different homes. Both of us, I think, with memories of a short but fantastic Midsummer weekend!

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