friday with weekend visitors, dinner and drinks

When I got back after spending a lovely day at Ven the weekend had arrived! And so had my visitors.
Meet Anna and Michi. Anna and I studied together when we both lived in Nijmegen. She was in fact my study buddy for most of that semester and we have spent many hours together in the library trying to learn what we needed to know for our exams. Michi is an old friend of hers and it was the first time I met her.
We ended our first evening together with cocktails at a bar, but before that
we went here for dinner.
There the three of us split a chantarelle soup,
a fish soup
and a toast Skagen.
And we also admired the sunset while taking a short walk along the beach. Then we had drinks as shown above and went to bed early since they were tired from a couple of days’ of sightseeing in Copenhagen and I was pretty exhausted after my week at work. Plus, we had some exciting things to do the next day, so we decided to save our strength…

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