the cray fish party #kräftanunderhatten13

After a smooth ride with the train we arrived in Malmö.At Gunnar’s place the final preparations were tended to.The evening’s main character was placed at the centre of the table.Emelie was in charge of the snaps. Accompanied by our excitement and curiousness she presented this year’s flavours: one with lemon and licorice and one with apple, ginger and a hint of vanilla (that one was my favourite!).So after that we ate: cray fish, västerbottencheese pie, bread and salad. Even I, who usually don’t even like cray fish that much, ate like 8 of them!And like the Swedish tradition is we also sang and drank snaps during dinner. It was Anna’s and Michi’s first cray fish party so we really wanted to show them what it was really like. I hope we did not scare them with our Swedish crazyness.Emelie and Sofia were super pep!And so were the rest of the gang as well.Soon enough we had emptied the platesso we cleaned the table and started to prepare for dessert.But before eating dessert we danced.I realised that it had gotten dark outside.We danced some more while waiting for the coffee.And I insisted that we should take a group photo.I feel very lucky having these great people as my friends! By the way, the face we are all trying to pull off was inspired by the guy on the ad seen on the building across from Gunnar’s apartment:Since it was right across, Eric Saade was literally watching every step we took… Scary.For dessert we had this very tasty and chocolaty brownie that Ingrid had made.We were also divided into different teams since we were participating in a quiz that Ingrid had come up with. The theme was cray fish of course… Here we are correcting each other’s answers and Sofia seem to be not very pleased with her and her teams’ answer to one of the questions.Gunnar.Since we all liked the snaps so much we decided to sing some more.We celebrated Sofia’s, Markus’ and Gunnar’s victory in the quiz with a group shot.And then the party continued.Ingrid and Sofia.Ingrid and Sofia.Sofia and Emelie, gangsta style in the kitchen.Sofia and Mary in the window sill cause all the chairs were in the living room.Except by now we mostly used them for dancing, just as we did with the table.Some of the decorations started to fall down, mostly due to our heavy dancing.Someone thought it was a great idea to use Gunnar’s hats.Anna.Sofia.Ingrid.And around this time me, Anna and Michi left the rest of the partying to my friends, since we had to catch the last train back home.When we got home I tried to explain to them that if this had been in June, it would be almost like daylight outside at this hour. Instead it was a dark blue sky and all the street lights were on and I was to tired to try and get my camera to focus properly.
And after that we went to sleep and that was it for that Saturday!

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    Vilket kalajs!!!

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