sunday sightseeing and swedish waffles

And it became the day after the cray fish party, sunday!
We were really hungry after all the dancing last night so I decided to make eggs in a basket for us for breakfast.After breakfast we went outside. It was kind of cloudy but still warm.
We walked along ”Landborgen”
under a roof made of trees (my favorite kind of roof!)
We watched the city from above, here you can see the concert hall, Helsingör on the other side of the sea and just barely a glimpse of the public theatre.
We came to Kärnan, which is what is left of the old castle that Helsinborg was once located around.
We were lucky cause it was open, so we went inside. I had not been inside before but I had heard that you could walk to the top of the tower and that the view was amazing from up there.
On our way up we caught tiny glimpses of it from behind the old and beautiful windows.
We were not disappointed when we reached the top! You could see most of the city from up there.
Anna and Michi.
After walking all the steps in Kärnan we felt the need to sit down for a fika, so we went to Möllebackens våfflor.
There we had tea and coffee plus Swedish waffles with whipped cream and the Swedish specialty cloudberry jam.
The sun came out and it felt just like summer, again, just like it was supposed to since it, after all, still was August.
The atmosphere was really nice and relaxing.
On our way home we stopped by Dunkers kulturhus where Anna and Michi were able to buy some souvenirs and they also posed with the famous rabbits outside. Since it was Anna’s and Michi’s last day they spent the rest of the afternoon packing and then we went out for dinner at a restaurant by the sea where we witnessed an absolutely stunning sunset, but more about that tomorrow!

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