sunday dinner by the sea

We were insanely lucky with the weather when Anna and Michi was here. And on Sunday night, which was our last evening together, when I thought it just could not get any better… it did. We went to Barfota by the beach to have dinner and to also pre-celebrate Anna’s birthday. Her actual birthday was the next day, but since they were leaving and we all had to get up early we decided to celebrate in advance.
Michi. As you can see the sunlight gave everything it touched a golden glow.
Me and Anna.
Anna choose a risotto with sea food plus a glass of white wine
and Michi and myself went with hamburgers and a locally produced beer.
We picked the right evening to have dinner here cause, as I have mentioned before, the sunset was something quite extraordinary. And it happened right before us!
Since we were celebrating a birthday we had to have dessert as well!
After dinner we took a walk along the beach promenade
and caught a pic or two of the city lights
and saw the sun paint the horizon pinkish red.

After that we went home and to bed and the next morning I waved goodbye to my visitors. All in all it was a great weekend and it was really fun to have them! They continued on to Stockholm where I hope they continued to have a great time.

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