making postcards for the postcard swap

A little over two years ago I participated in iHannas postcard swap for the first time. At the time I wrote my master thesis and felt a need to express myself creatively in some way, since most days consisted of nothing other than reading and writing. When I found the postcard swap it felt just right. There have been many postcard swaps hosted by iHanna after that, but since I have chosen to do other things instead, I have not had the time to participate. But this time around I felt that the time once again was right!

Everything about my postcard making process and the postcards I sent and received in 2012 can be found in the category ”the postcard swap 2012”.

This time, I made all my postcards in one sitting. So I dug out all my creative material and used the things that was still okay and had not dried up. It was an adventure in itself since I actually had not used my pencils and crayons and such in a looong time. So this time my cards actually has a kind of less is more feel about them. Or maybe, back to basic, is a more suitable description. You can see glimpses of the postcards in the photos from the process:
I plan to send this year’s postcards tomorrow and when they are safely at the post office I will post them here. So look back tomorrow for a closer look on this year’s postcards!

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6 kommentarer till making postcards for the postcard swap

  1. leacayoung skriver:

    these are lovely.

  2. iHanna skriver:

    Love the mess on your table! Så roligt att du kände dig manad att vara med igen Malin, du behöver motionera de där pennorna och andra material lite oftare! ;-) Hoppas du vill vara med igen.

    • Tiggerific skriver:

      Ja, precis! Jag behövde verkligen motionera dem, och jag hoppas kunna vara med fler gånger. Men jag kände mig något ringrostig, faktiskt, haha! :) Som sagt, tack igen för en rolig idé!

  3. Ingrid skriver:

    ÅH! Så vackra vykort!


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