the postcards

So, without further ado, here they are: the postcards that I sent out for iHannas postcard swap. I sent all of them this morning, so hopefully they will soon arrive in the post boxes of the participating swappers around the world.
This time I mostly sent my postcards to the US, but there were a couple going to Italy, Canada and England as well. I hope they all arrive safely and are enjoyed by their receivers! I am really looking forward to receive postcards from other creative people from around the globe. That is just one of the best parts about participating in this postcard swap!

Thank you so much for hosting this event iHanna, it is truly amazing to be a part of it!

You can find other participants in the postcard swap and see mine and others’ postcards both in this inspiring post on iHannas blog and in the flickr group.

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11 kommentarer till the postcards

  1. iHanna skriver:

    Kanske doftar dina vykort inte hav, utan basilika? :-) Tack själv för att du ville vara med, hoppas du får många fina vykort nu!

  2. Eva skriver:

    Så fantastiskt fina Malin! Tillsammans med underfundigheter, det gillar jag mycket! 👍😃😘

  3. aislingcryan skriver:

    Oh I really wish I could have taken part in it this year but there were too many things pulling at my time. Have fun!!!

    • Tiggerific skriver:

      Yeah, I know what you mean! I have not either been able to participate to the previous ones so I am really enjoying it this time. I hope that you will find time to participate in one of the next ones :) I remember the beautiful card you sent me last time! Take care

  4. dinnysgarden skriver:

    I see the postcard I received. LOVE IT! Thanks so much. Your other cards are just as lovely too.

  5. Ingrid Bergman skriver:

    ÅH. SÅ FANTASTISKA! Du är fantastisk!

  6. Tina W. skriver:

    I particularly like the idea of fog being a heavy cloud. Great postcards!


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