postcard arrival update

I have already received e-mails from two people who have gotten my postcards! It is really exciting to hear what they have to say. But, that also mean that I have received some postcards myself.
The first one came from Kita in Scotland. She had used a technique that I find really fascinating, and I loved her use of colors. And the next one found its way to my mailbox from Lynne in Phoenix in the US. What I love about that card is how she has used two layers, the colored one and the black pencil one, and at the same time let them stand alone and be joined.

The next postcard came from Pam in the US. This is the first painted one that I have ever got and I like how she has let the colors just flow. I am also a big fan of the quote since I makes my thought explore new paths. The fourth card was sent to me from Dani, whom I think, has sent it from the US. What I like about the postcard is that no matter how many times I look at it I still find something new, every time! That is probably why I love collages, even though I don’t have enough patience to make them myself.

That was all the postcards that have arrived this far. I am looking forward to get some more! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that…

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3 kommentarer till postcard arrival update

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  2. Ingrid Bergman skriver:

    WOW! Jag blir sugen på att vara med!


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