postcard arrival update II

Over the last couple of days some more postcards have arrived. It makes me so happy since picking up the mail these days is like a giant surprise! I am happy that I took the time to participate in iHannas postcard swap.

The fifth postcard came from Peggy and the sixth one from Cindy, both from the US.

Peggy’s card is a collage made of different kinds of materials; paper, newspaper, cardboard, tape and so on. I like how the orange-yellow color keeps it together and that she has topped it off with a piece of text from somewhere.

Cindy’s postcard is also made with different techniques in lots of colors. I love how, if I look closely, I can see all the different layers. They really tell the story of how the postcard was made.

The seventh postcard came from Israel, and that made me really excited, since I have never before received mail from there! I like how the postcard is made out of more or less one color in different shades and then different kind of stamps. And to top it off, a single piece of tape and a single stamp, in a color and pattern, that stand out! I like it.

And the latest postcard, which came from the US, is a kind of collage. I like how it is made out of different kinds of pictures in almost the same color and how they are combined with each other. And how the background just makes it all feel put together and how if you look closely the pictures are actually painted and modified. I am a big fan of raspberries, its one of my favorite berries, so that there are some of those on the postcard does not hurt either!

These are all the postcards I have received this far. I hope that there are two more still on the way, but if not, I am still really happy about the ones I have got! They really show a wide array of creativity and talent. Participating in the postcard swap makes me feel close to the world, and I love that!

Postcard arrival update number one can be found here. And everything about my participation in this year’s postcard swap can be found in the category: ”the postcard swap 2014”.

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