postcard arrival update III

Remember how I wrote that I thought this was the last postcard arrival update? Well, guess what! I was wrong, and I have never been so happy to be so. Because over the last weeks the two final postcards have made its way to my door! (This means that I really sent ten cards and got ten cards.)
The first of the last came from Jane in the US. I really like how she has used the colors. And, but that is not visible on the photo, that when you stroke your fingers over the card you can actually feel the shapes, since they are ”popping” up from the surface. That is something I am a big fan of!

The second and very last one also came from the US, but from Joellyn. I think that this postcard is made out of crayons that are blended together in different ways. No matter how it is made I really like it, cause the colors makes for a great background for the word ”inspire”. And to top it off I love that the postcards edges are jagged, really giving it the feeling that it is hand made.

I find it really fitting that the postcard which arrived last really did arrive last. The reason for that is because I feel that it sums up my experience of participating in the postcard swap really well. Because, both making my own postcards and receiving postcards made by others, has made me feel so very inspired!

So, thank you again, Hanna, for hosting the swap! And thank you everybody who, either got postcards from me, and gave me a chance to hopefully brighten and inspire your day, or who sent me postcards since the postcards really have made this past month a joy and made me feel inspired!

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