friday evening in barcelona: paella in barri gòtic and cocktails in gràcia (part II)

So, after a day spent in the city and at the beach we had a super fast refresher at our room before we went back out into the city again. No time to waste, right?!
friday, barcelona
We lived super close to the Metro stop Sagrada Familia and I loved that we were greeted by this view every time! Anyway, our dinner place was in the city center, close to La Rambla so that’s where we went.
friday, barcelona
And this is almost all of us. (We had another friend who would arrive later that same evening.) I asked our (sadly, kind of grumpy) waiter to take a couple of pictures of us and this is the best one. The light was really tricky and I really did not want to use the flash. (It makes everything and everyone yellow and weird.)
friday, barcelona
We had chosen the restaurant based on two separate recommendations from a friend of Anna and a friend of Agnese. The restaurant was supposed to be the best place to go for a paella! And we really wanted that, but first, we had starters. Mine was gazpacho and it was lovely!
friday, barcelona
And then, after a lot of waiting, our paellas arrived! We had both the typical Catalan one, Paella Marinera, with seafood, and a mixed one, with both seafood and meat. And it tasted really good!
friday, barcelona
Since we had chosen a menu, dessert was included. One of the options was Crema Catalana (it’s like Créme Brulée) and because it is my favorite that’s what I got. And I was so dissatisfied! It did not taste like it should and that was probably because there wasn’t enough burnt sugar on top.
friday, barcelona
Anyway, some of us wanted coffee so we just hung out and chilled for a while.
friday, barcelona
After that we went to a part of Barcelona called Grácia where there was lots of bars and places to hang out.
friday, barcelona
Once again we had recommendations for places to go to and after wandering around for a bit, talking and admiring the street art
friday, barcelona
we came upon Stampi. It was the tiniest bar and we were kind of afraid there would not be room for all of us. But they so kindly asked a couple of guests to move to another table so that we could have the biggest one. So nice!
friday, barcelona
I had a mojito, as did most of the other guys as well. It would actually turn out to be the first of many since it became (almost) everyone’s drink of choice that weekend.
friday, barcelona
I can’t remember what we talked about but after a while our last participant of the weekend, Misi, showed up, and new things to talk about just kept poppin up! Just how it is when you meet people you have not seen in a while and need to catch up. All in all a great first day!

Come back in a couple of days for more stories from Barcelona.

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